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Our Krasnodar City municipal children and teenagers  School of arts #13 was founded in 2004. It is headed by Mrs. Lyudmila Sizonenko, Honored Cultural Worker of Kuban Province.

We have interesting and hectical life. Today we operates branch activity in Krasnodar City (4 branches).  There are 658 boys and girls at six departments of different arts. Educational process is provided by 99 employees including 89 teachers. There are 6 departments: Deptartment of Music, Department of Art, Department of Choreography, Department of Jazz and Entertainment, Scenic and Theathre Department, Department of General aesthetic education. Close-knit creative team organizes and conducts a variety of activities, properly represents the school, County and City at competitions, exhibitions and festivals.

Our students have academic honours:
- Krasnodar City Mayor`s Scholarship: Andrei Sokolov, Evgeny Melnikov, Anastasia Krinichnaya, Alex Nikolsky, Xenia Ryabova;
- Kuban Province Governor`s Scholarship: Evgeny Melnikov, Mark Gevorgyan;
- Prize-winner of the Kuban Province Award for talented and creative young children: Anastasia Chechko;
- Presidential Award for talented youth: our graduates-winners Eugene Lapin and Andrei Sokolov.

Our twelve students are the winners of regional, national and international competitions, were included in the Russian national encyclopedia "Talented children - the future of Russia" and awarded medals "Talented child" for transcendental merit in the category "They own the future".

We are very proud of our graduates, many of whom continue their education in colleges, academies and conservatory of music and arts.

Tradition is valuable means of education. It forms a common interest, makes school life a certain strength, reliability, consistency. Tradition gives the school its own special, no one else like face. It becomes special, unique, one that can be proud of.

Numerous letters of thanks marked thematic lectures, concerts and music shows which the school holds for students of secondary schools and kids from kindergartens. After these meetings many young artists, students light up the desire to touch the magical world of art and come to our school.

The success of any business requires educated, skilled professionals. Our teachers Sergei Plashkarev, Anna S. Toporkova, Elena Medvedeva were noted the Krasnodar City Mayor`s Award for creative achievement in educational activities.

Twenty our students noted and granted summer vacation trip to the Black Sea resort town of Anapa by the Krasnodar City Program "City to children" and the Provincial Summer Recreation Program for their recital and contest activity.

Our children and teachers are actively involved in city life, zonal and regional cultural events. A special place in the school takes military-patriotic activity, for which our creative school team was noted by the administration of Kuban province, Krasnodar City Hall and Krasnodar City Council commemorative diplomas, letters of thanks and gifts.

In 2010 our school was named "The best company in the field" as a result of competition among the Krasnodar city enterprises in educational field.

Today we stand at the origins of the day tomorrow, and our future depends on our talent and dedication - the future of man, the people of the country.
Our school has a unique special union - THE UNION OF LOVING HEARTS where children, parents, teachers - all together as one big, happy family. And we want our school to be always good for the children, an interesting, joyful and comfortable Sweet Home. Our way has just begun and we are at the beginning. We are turning the pages of history, and we have the love, knowledge, strength to go forward, holding the hands of our pupils.
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